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Cat’s Cradle is a fable, we all know that. 
Soon as I can I will slide that under the table. 
I met your mother and you father & I liked them; 
they bicker the way we bicker, 
back when our blood was thicker than oil 
& the soil was in every spark & every pore 
& everything. My departure made my nerves sting. 
It’s leaving a person place or thing you know you shouldn’t. 

On jet lag: I’m past that. 
Plainly, none of this is that bad. 
He said, “let me be clear this woman’s crazy.” 
I caught a glimpse of your truth as you turned to me 
& it was kind & it was stubborn, just like I’d like mine to be 
so I will dissuade, I will just sleep. 
I can be patient, probably.